Available for live, studio and television work, Adam is a professional freelance drummer, who also regularly performs on cajon, udu, and various other percussion instruments.

Adam is totally self-taught, and that facilitates maximum freedom of expression. With a huge range of experience that belies his young age, he always plays for the song, Is never overbearing, and Is always "deep in the pocket".

Contact Adam at apchayes[at]aol.com.

Adam proudly endorses
Murat Diril cymbals

Murat Diril


"I have recorded Adam on countless records for countless projects. He's the most reliable, tightest and grooviest studio drummer I know. Highly recommended" // JB Pilon

"A drummer like Adam is hard to come by [...] I appreciate his pocket, swing, tone, and all around energy!" // Raashan Ahmad

"[Adam always has] a great sound, the right amount of punch for each part, perfect time keeping and NEVER over plays, always playing for the track. The new Ringo, man!" // Eddie Hoffmann

"Adam is a great musician and drummer. As a drummer he always serves the song and the music. He is very tasteful and musical. Whether it is pop, rock, soul, folk, or funk, Adam will always provide a drum part that will make you smile and be happy. And he is a great guy too!" // Yaron Stavi

"Young Adam does one hell of an impression of a seasoned LA session drummer from the 70's" // Alex Cooper