Available for live, studio and television work, Adam is a professional freelance drummer, who also regularly performs on cajon, udu, and various other percussion instruments.

Adam is totally self-taught, and that facilitates maximum freedom of expression. With a huge range of experience that belies his young age, he always plays for the song, Is never overbearing, and Is always "deep in the pocket".

Contact Adam at apchayes[at]aol.com.

Adam proudly endorses
Murat Diril cymbals

Murat Diril


"Adam Hayes is a rare breed of drummer who's strong instinct and unique style leads him to create parts that compliment whatever genre of music he's playing. He possesses great sensitivity, expression and the ability to listen to whatever is being played and become the perfect backbone to it. i have worked with Adam for almost 5 years now and he just keeps getting better and better… watch out Steve Gadd!" // Beatie Wolfe

A drummer like Adam is hard to come by [...] I appreciate his pocket, swing, tone, and all around energy! // Raashan Ahmad

 "[Adam always has] a great sound, the right amount of punch for each part, perfect time keeping and NEVER over plays, always playing for the track. The new Ringo, man!" // Eddie Hoffmann

"Adam is a great musician and drummer. As a drummer he always serves the song and the music. He is very tasteful and musical. Whether it is pop, rock, soul, folk, or funk, Adam will always provide a drum part that will make you smile and be happy. And he is a great guy too!" // Yaron Stavi 

"Young Adam does one hell of an impression of a seasoned LA session drummer from the 70's" // Alex Cooper